At Lligwy Beach we don't want to offer you just the same old ice cream, we want you to experience a taste as gorgeous and unique as our lovely beach.  This year we have increased our range of locally made Plas Farm Ice Cream. 

  We'll still have some lollies as well, and we'll make sure they're British made.











Plas Farm came into existence when David Williams started to diversify his farm business in the early 1980’s to produce chilled yogurts and cheeses using the milk from his herd of Freisian cows.
Since then the company has developed, and has gone from producing on a small farm to a purpose built factory in Gaerwen, but the same passion exists for the quality and goodness of Anglesey produce.

‘Mon, Mam Cymru’, Anglesey has been renowned as the bread basket of Wales for centuries and Plas Farm are keeping the tradition alive with innovative products and exciting flavours!